Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Just a Little Cow Town That Fancies Itself A Metroplex

It amazes me that the folk of our town bandy about one word characterizations of our city, like growth, crossroads, etc., that somehow allow them to believe that we are in one of the major metroplexes of the civilized world. It gives me pain to break it to you, but Rapides Parish has a population the size of some of Dallas's subdivisions which is fine because on balance, this is a pretty good place to live. Our growth just will not carry us to megatropolis standards in the next few years and Lord help us if it did because we have no plan. And that is the point. According to the Alexandria City Charter, the Rapides Area Planning Commission (a misnomer) is designated as the planning body for the city. Of course it doesn't work and sets up a situation for finger pointing and retorts of "it's not my job" as people develop properties in ever meandering and mixed use ways, then wonder why there are conflicts with commercial encroaching on residential and so forth. Does anyone else see a lack of cohesive and comprehensive planning for our area or is it just me?


good question, spanky - said...

The Roy transition teams spent a lot of time configuring the immediate and long range future of Alexandria, however, not one word of the outlook for "Transparency World" has found its way to consumers, and according to the council, they too have been deprived of the fruits of this transition effort. What happened to Smart Growth and do you have to be smart to do it?

Anonymous said...

Despite having hoped for change it seems the Roy administration is long on rhetoric and short on any other naction than controversy. This situation was explained to me by someone stating Roy might be a hell of a lawyer but is no Administrator and the profesional trough eaters are running circles around him.

Strong rumour is that only the names changed