Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Whether you are stirring the pot, the paint, a conversation, or just going stir crazy - throw in your two cents. We might not give you anything for two-cents or you may consider it therapy at which time we will accept any payment you deem worthy made directly to your favorite charity. Suggestions are welcome. Make up a name to preserve your identity if you wish and join the gang. All are welcome - as long as you mind your manners.

This is the first post on this blog and is updated for the sake of moving it current as a benchmark. Sometimes, I find it interesting to review old posts for accuracy and to see what changed since the post.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What Say You?

I have not had much to say for some time now as I thought it would be wise to observe and reconcile my thoughts to current events.

So much is transpiring around us on all political levels that I am unsure whether we are seeing a reflection of our countrymen true desires to be taken care of or everyone is so busy that they do not have the time to be aware of events that affect their lives as well as being overwhelmed by the daily grind to survive and our federal government is using this time to become larger and more overarching in our daily lives. Time will tell.

I suppose the more pointed question will be, "what will time tell?"

To what extent will citizens allow businesses they have cultivated for generations to be snuffed from existance by the very government that is to respond to protect them?

And why is this happening?

Is it due to incompetence of government officials - afterall, many of the independant Chrysler Dealerships were not bankrupt - but their future was decreed. Or is there a larger hand and agenda that is moving through our land and we stand unwilling to challenge such destruction?

You tell me.