Saturday, October 27, 2012

Can't We All Just Get Along ??

As my ancestors put it, " It is time for revival". In the run-up to the election all of us have been whip-sawed by the sheer volume of useless information that passes for dialogue. Our town hall debates that are to suffice for national discussion have become little more than egocentric jousting matches scored by superficial appearances of performance. Sometimes a person craves just meat and potatoes. If you are one of those, you must have noticed that it is not on the menu of either party and what you are being fed is a steady diet of cotton candy and cow dung. I would suggest for all of you Tea Partiers, Independents, Social Liberal that are fiscally conservative, Conservatives, and all other groups that are dissatisfied with our current polarized state of politics contemplate the possibility of forming a true third party with the proper organization and funding to effectuate a change in the national discussion. Crazy? Time will tell, but in the interest of your posterity, you personally should be concerned about our current state of affairs.
For those of you that believe governmental actions matter little, know that the escalating prices you are paying for many items have a direct correlation to monetary policy that is being implemented to devalue our currency and cause inflationary curcumstances in the interest of paying off old national  debt with dollars that are worth incrementally less but there are artificiallly more of. Too bad you can't just inflate your paycheck. Anyway, jump into the discussion and we will see where this goes.