Sunday, June 17, 2007

How Would You Like Your Taco, Senior~

It is difficult to condense all of my observations while in New Orleans for the past two weeks, but this says it all. In the midst of monumental waste and fraud in the "Road Home Program", the minimum one-a-day body count, the convoy to march on Baton Rouge that had radio reporters at 9:00am pick-up sites commenting at 10:00am - Well ya' know how New Orleanians are - when no one but local officials and stragglers boarded, the item of the day was TACO TRUCKS. Yep, Taco Trucks. Somehow, the entrepreneurial spirit and drive that motivates one to equip and cater to a hard working clientele is adverse to the lazy, slovenly ways of the natives and they just won't take it anymore. BAN THE TACO TRUCKS - WE ARE MAD AND WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!!

By the way, we have forgotten just how much they suffer and that they are still the powerhouse of the state economy and deserve as much tax money as they can coerce from us rural folk since they contribute more to the state than anyone else.

ARROGANCE WITH YOUR HAND OUT sums it up Mr.'s Nagin & Jefferson