Friday, May 4, 2007

I Have A Dream - And It Is Coming True

While searches and capacity caps are the antithesis of open meetings at the Alexandria City Council, I am joyous that public interest has risen to this level. There is no quarreling with the necessity of searches as the exchanges and opinions have become more heated and the number cap has been posted for a long time as the chamber safely holds 72 people by fire marshall standards. If this keeps up, the council may need to buy a big scream TV (ebonically correct pronunciation) for the city hall steps.


Anonymous said...

Wow. 9300 people found your blog too boring to stimulate comment. Tell us more of your fascinating childhood.

Spanky said...

At least I had one. I leave this blog up just to attract folks like you that have recticular oculitis, a condition that has the optic nerve connected to the anus thereby providing a shitty outlook on life. Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

I didn't criticize you for having a boring site: don't criticize me for noticing.