Monday, April 30, 2007

Loose Ends?

OK, the silence is deafening on several items that I would have thought there would a mere mention of some kind over the past couple of weeks.
1. The Bentley Deal
2. The CLECO Deal
3. The second set of books kept by the city involving employee hospitalization.
4. The utility rate quandary the citizens find themselves in.
5. Any other deal I have missed but that you wish to add to the list.
Am I over-reacting?


Blogger said...

IMHO there is a blog fatigue with many in the community just shutting down. Here's the rub, the issues you speak of are essential parts of a discussion on brining our community through troubling times. However, where can we find solutions when all of the facts are still unknown and those with the answers criticize drawing conclusions? Relating to the term "kill the messenger" has never been easier. Good thing I could care less. We will all carry on and continue to ask for feedback, because we are the kind of people who care. We are not mediocre; we are thinking people with solutions to suggest based off the knowledge we have gained through asking questions. My heavens it’s easy to understand where the best leaders of our generation got their inspiration, by listening to people smarter than them. I’m listening.

Anonymous said...

spanky, imho, the bentley deal is probably dead. didn't the town talk report that they were 6 million dollars short? if they were slated to buy the hotel for a little over 6 million dollars and they don't have the money, the deal fell through.

they're asking the city for money, but don't expect that to happen.

Spanky said...

I personally appreciate anyone that holds public office, even though I have been critical at times of many that do. First of all, that they bear the slings of riducule and persevere to attempt to maken our world a better place is more than most of us could bear. I would also venture that their success is also related to our involvement and interaction with them. I will resolve to be less critical and become more involved with being part of the solution. I do agree that it does take time for facts to surface and be verified and that development of our community is a work in progress. I also think that many in the blog community locally are simply burned out with the constant complaining, abuse, and lack of coherent solutions. Hopefully folks have vented sufficiently to begin constructive thought and willingness to engage in the activity of community building.
Michelle, I would prefer to have accuracy in reporting than a knee-jerk headline and agree that you should strive for the highest of reporting standards. After all, it is your credibility that makes the most impact, not the fastest scoop, especially if it is innacurate. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Maybe CLECO can help buy the Bentley with all the money they have made off the city.

Steve said...

I think the blog fatigue has been, for the most part, been caused by all the anonymous bomb throwers that is prevalent in the blogosphere. Most serious people on here want solutions and the trolls just want to cause more problems rather than move toward honest to goodness solutions. Any fool can come on here and throw insults and accusations. It would be great that if people have accurate evidence of wrong-doing and can prove it, then by all means e-mail or call Michele or other proper authorities. If Michele has the info on people to ask pertinent questions then that would be a good starting point.

Anonymous said...

Spanky, you saw thru the Bentley deal when Myron and Harry first sprung it. Now that we know, beyond any reasonable doubt, that it was a lie and a fraud, why aren't people angry?

Therein lies our problem. Our expectations of our officials are so low that we shrug off their blatant misconduct.