Friday, May 11, 2007

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Any Thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Spanky, this might not be what you had in mind but it has been bothering me for almost three weeks.

I thought I might read up on Gov. Bill Richardson of Arizona as he is a candidate for President. 60 Minutes did a segment two weeeks ago with him in North Korea. As part of the tour the Koreans took him to the USS Pueblo. Then he watched a Korean propaganda film about the ship's capture.
Richardson sat through the film like a first grader on a field trip.

I'd hope a real American and to whatever degree, a presidential candidate would have told the Koreans to kiss his ass.

Bill didn't. Deacon Blue

curious said...

The city police dept. is extremely important to the growth of Alexandria...
Problem areas in my opinion

No accountability
Union appears to run the dept.
Superior officers over-looked in their trained area and put on shift positions...
Civil service...Needs revamping.
Many more problems and no one cares.

Any thoughts?

Spanky said...

I agree on both subjects and will elaborate further a little later as I must get my son to bed. There is so much happening on all levels and in so many directions these days that the average person has a hard time making sense of it all as sensory overload sets in. It is important to analyze events as to their significance and meaning and that is what I enjoy doing. Thanks for the observations and input.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:14, you're missing some critical points about Richardson's visit to North Korea. First, he visited North Korea in order to collect the ashes of US servicemen killed in the Korean War. He was there with Anthony Principi, George W. Bush's former veteran affairs secretary. The trip was a bipartisan effort. Third, following his tour of the USS Pueblo, Richardson had some strong words about the tone of this visit, remarking that it was unpleasant, words that were echoed by Principi. Richardson also said that the visit was filled with "a lot of propaganda." He was there to retrieve the remains of US soldiers, not to make a statements that undoubtedly would have prevented him and Principi from fulfilling the obligations of their mission. It's disturbing that this man, who was sent on a bipartisan trip to bring closure to the families of US soldiers killed in Korea, would have his patriotism questioned by any American.

Anonymous said...

Well, you know how some people are. You can't please some people if you hung em with a brand new rope.

Anonymous said...

I'll try to clarify my first post for those who misunderstood my intent. The USS Pueblo was the first United States ship seized by a foreign government since 1807. The Barbary pirates operated from north Africa seizing ships and enslaving crews and passengers, having done so for over two hundred years. The prisoners would be held for ranson. The United States and many other countries paid the ransom until our first navy ships came on line. A US force defeated the Barbary pirates. (The Marine Corps hymn contains the line "From the shores of Tripoli"as a result)

North Korea claimed the Pueblo was inside their waters. Commander Bucher said they weren't. One sailor was killed during the assault and 82 more were captured. The North Koreans tortured the sailors and used them for propaganda purposes. The United States was humiliated and the sailors released 11 months later. President Johnson made a play simular to this earlier to escalate the Vietnam war.

29 years pass then Governor Richardson makes his trip. He had three tasks. To discuss Korean nuclear weapons, $25 million of Korean money held in Maccau banks, and return the servicemen. Gov. Richardson is a first rate negotiator. I know of three missions he undertook since leaving the UN. Including one where he sought the release of a kidnapped journalist.

I believe North Korea was forced to do something due to world opinion of their nuclear weapon research. I believe north korea is seeking release of the $25 million as they are destitute. I also believe north korea has many more remains they could return home but only choose to do so when they receive something in return. I believe there are U S servicemen alive in north korea; remember the deserter who came back last year?

It was the smirk on the face of Gov. Richardson's escort at the Pueblo that infuriates me. north korea embarassed/humiliated a representative of the United States government. We are the envy of most of the world's population. I want us to have the respect due this great country US soldiers and sailors earned. Including my father who fought in the Pacific theater of WWII and Korea.

What was your #2 critical point I missed?

Anonymous said...

You claim he sat like a first-grader, then you accuse him of having a smirk on his face. You completely disregard the bipartisan spirit of this trip, preferring to attack the Democrat and question his patriotism due to your perception of the look on his face.

I am very familiar with the story of the USS Pueblo. It was an atrocity, but what would you have Richardson do? Commandeer the ship and flip off the North Koreans?

Governor Richardson, as you say, IS a first-rate negotiator, but even he, a four-time nominee for the Noble Peace Prize, understood the dangers of telling the North Koreans to "kiss his ass," your initial naive advice and criticism.

I fail to see how any of his actions on that trip were embarrassing or humiliating. He and Principi completed their bipartisan mission, and Americans owe a debt of gratitude for their selfless public service, which, at times, calls for them to directly confront enemies of the United States.

I much prefer a leader who understands diplomacy, instead of one who thinks single-handed brazen, arrogant machismo somehow could resolve a problem as complicated as our conflict with North Korea and their sociopath leader, Kim Jong Il.

Anonymous said...

You still miss it, the korean escort had the smirk not Richardson, watch the video.

Anonymous said...

Oh well, who cares?