Monday, April 2, 2007

Positively Positive Suggestions

OK, I have done it to myself now and have absolutely overdosed on negativity, so, the new rule on this post is, if you bring a problem you must bring a solution. The subject base is wide-open and the only moderated comments will be the abusive ones. By the way, everyone to date has been non-abusive so it is possible to conduct a dialogue in a civil manner. I have not rejected the first post. Have a wonderful Monday and know that for all of the nay saying, we are still a city where strangers greet and talk like old friends - a rare quality my years of traveling have revealed to me.


bird said...

I will give you this - we do appear, despite the antics on channel 4 to be one of the most civilized places I have lived. You can strike up a conversation with the person seated next to you at the bar and become best friends in a matter of minutes. The only drawback is some people will not let you grow up and well then there are those who simply won't grow up.

I have not tried to be negative, just to point out differences. It is nice to have civilized, intellectual discussion as opposed to rants and rages along with name callings about dead fathers and grandmothers.

Keep up the good work.

Blogger said...

I agree Spanky...we need to put up or shut up. By the way inspite of being accused of editing posts on the new media blog we have not had to as well. Could it be we are turning the corner and true conversation is occuring? Is that the first step to creating solutions? We'll see.