Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Blogomania On The Rough Side

I offer kudos to Michelle of Cenlamedia for opening dialogue between the rabble and the media. My only wish is that folk would be a bit more civil.
When I was a younger person and on an occasion that I was not being particularly diplomatic or pleasant, a gentleman older than I reminded me that one could catch more flies with sugar than with vinegar. Not that anyone reading this may have a particular interest in collecting flies, but should understand the gist of the saying. Am I being overly sensitive or are Cenlamedia posters being extraordinarily surly??? Or have good manners just gone out of style??


PatrickHenry said...

Spanky, I think you are perhaps a little too sensitive in favor of Michelle. She has opened a blog and asks for discussion, but she does not allow posts that are too critical or herself or KALB. Respect for Michelle's KALB, as well as other local news media, has been shattered by their failure to investigate report local corruption, that is talked about on several local blogs, while at the same time reporting trivial gay news from New Orleans, for examples, have cause the public to loose respect and trust for local news media. Michelle must understand that the missing trust and respect must be once again earned, and that her lip service and pandering on her new blog fails to do so. What we want to see is action, not meaningless empty drivel on a blog. So Michelle, and local reporters, the proof will be seen by what you report as news.

Blogger said...

The idea behind the blog was to try to listen and improve our craft. If you have an open records request and do not want to do it yourself suggest what we should look for. Spanky himself suggested asking about COA employee benefits. I called the city and clearly did not have a clue what I was asking for. That experience, I will be it a little embarrassing, helps me understand how to deal with the city better. A very good thing. What you think is simple may not be because we must be careful. You no longer trust us patrickhenry. How many others are out there who feel that way but do not have the guts to tell us? I for one am committed to doing better.

Spanky said...

The city is naturally going to be secretive on the matter of a second set of books in regard to employee hospitalization. Of the many COA employees I have engaged in conversation, several have told me that payment of claims for medical expense is a harrowing experience with many going unpaid.
The first time I heard about this was over two years ago and I began listening for indication and clues to the veracity of this revelation. That is why I talk to everyone and pick up shreds of information that form a tattered picture. A second person with the city verified my question about the existance of a second set of books and clarified that the matter had been referred to the State Police for investigation according to procedure and to date there has been no response. If I was to pursue the matter, I would be talking to the police chief and the former mayor first for recorded reaction. Then I would ask everyday city employees to get their story or and indication of nervousness that they had been told to put the lid on.
By the way, I have seen the correspondence on the Hebron matter to the State Police and the DA's office. The only reason I feel safe is because I am armed and can protect myself - not because the aforementioned are diligent in their duties.

Civil Sentient said...

If you think the current employee healh system is smelly, you should check into what went on when Spike and Charley ran things. Today your bills will usually be paid in a year or so after you have been turned over to a collection agency. In the past "they" just laughed.