Tuesday, February 12, 2008

OK, What part of N-O do you guys not understand?? (click here for related article)

The resolution effort to pay Jock Scott and Toni Martin appear to be faulty on two counts.

1. Paying them is in direct violation of the injunction issued by Judge Randow.

2. Issuing direction to a city employee is in direct violation of the city charter and grounds for removal from office.

Doe anyone see the need to wait until election time to throw the bums out??


Anonymous said...

what about the ethical problem of voting on something in which you have a substantial economic interest?

Anonymous said...

Spanky is everything okay, you've been quiet too long.


Spanky said...

I am as fine as cherry wine. Just a change of tactics, that's all. I want folks to know what is being done to them, funded by their tax dollars against their interest. As you are revisiting this site, Jock has become a laughing stock and suspect of his every action while Toni has lost her house in foreclosure waiting on funds from a dubious promise from the city council. Have any of Myron and Co. helped her save her house? So much for friends in a pinch.