Saturday, October 6, 2007

What Rocks Your World?

With local and world events occuring at the pace we are currently witnessing, how do you cope? Are you experiencing anger? Confusion? Do You want to make someone pay? Or do you keep your "nose to the grindstone" blocking out all but affects you personally? How do you cope? Do you walk with Jesus? Is yoga your technique? How about Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll? What works for you?


Anonymous said...

I have a lot to be grateful for and thank God every day. I have two sons in college making exceptional grades, a nice home, a handful of truly good friends, and a great wife (my first)

However, here are a few of my least favorite things

I don't want to press 1 for English
Hyphenated Americans
Of Louisiana being last in column A

Term limited politicians leaving one office running for another then insulting me by saying what they will do if elected as if I'd forget they have had a minimum of two ineffective terms.

The town talk and kalb
No local delivery of the Advocate
Talk shows as if I give a rats about someone else's opinion
Reality shows
Remakes of older movies or songs

Owning a Craftsman table saw
The south traffic circle
All illegal drugs and some legal

There is a difference between ignorance and stupidity. We can beat ignorance. How can we applaud mediocre performance of our students, paying teacher more is not the answer; if they could they'd be doing it now. How can an A-B student not pass a simple exit exam? Must be inflated grades

All cats but only my neighbors dog
Love bugs, fire ants and mosquitoes
Rude people

Lazy people that want want want and believe they should have what I and others have worked for. All men are created equal but that does not mean I should have to buy you a plasma, car, etc

La loosing industry to Mississippi of all states because our workforce can't read, understand, measure, or pass a urine test.

Made in China, except for fortune cookies. We are doing it to ourselves. Should you pay $20 for made in USA or $10 for the chinese copy? It won't be long and we'll go from being the Industrial Giant of the world to being the service and entertainment leader.

One earns respect it is not a given

I cope by hoping there are more people out there who want a better Louisiana and a stronger United States. I have lived in La my whole life, so far, but I am tempted to move. I don't want to give up what I have here though. I know where ever I'd move would have corruption, and idiots too.

If It doesn't belong to you Don't touch it. If you don't know what it is Leave it alone. Don't say anything you wouldn't say in front of your mother. If you think it is wrong it usually is.

My biggest worry is that ny sons will one day kick me in the --- for bringing them into this world.

Just my first thoughts, maybe more later. Thank you for allowing me to share Deacon Blue

Spanky said...

Well Deacon, you have reflected much of what I live except I am married for the third time (I never thought that would the story of my life) and have 6 children and 6 grandchildren to show for the effort. I too, love Louisiana as it has been home to my family since 1790. I too have been struggling with leaving, although my wife, an Alabama transplant will not hear of it.

I will make you a deal.

I will use all of my being to route the rascals that have besmirched our home if you will stick around and help every now and then.

A hearty "AMEN" to your post - Thanks

Civilsentient said...

Deacon covered things well. Let me add sunrises, music, a good book and quiet time to enjoy it, gardens, friends, interesting conversation, cats that behave themselves and naps.

Not so high on my list are sales persons with no idea how to assist you, pushy folks with closed minds, 50% of the drivers in Cenla, politicians as a species, and cell phones going off in theaters.

Feed em fish heads Spanky!

Steve said...

Deacon, if I didn't know better I would have thought you were reading my mind. I would only add to my list of unfavorites; people who call illegal aliens, "undocumented immigrants" What part of the term ILLEGAL so hard to understand???

Anonymous said...

Not working for the school system anymore is what rocks the world of a growing number of people these days!

Others would love to leave but have no opportunity and have mouths to feed. They will remain as quiet as someone employeed by the Mafia.

The Clown Talk is, of course, oblivious to any problems and will remain so because its senior staff is too easily bedazzled by BS and would not know an investigative reporter if Bob Woodward applied for a job there.

Anonymous said...

I didn't quite answer what I do to cope. I am retired, 18 months, and now have the freedom to say KMA when I deem it necessary. I inherited several pieces of furniture from my grandparents and have many hours restoring them. I am content to withdraw into my shop and work for hours on a piece of wood. There is a lot of therapy in sanding, staining, fitting and finishing. I may spend part of a day cleaning rust from a kerosene lantern. Concentrating on this work is so peaceful and calming.

In my refuge I don't have to think of our elected officals selling out our country to special interests. There is no illegal immigration, war, or catering to minorities. No corruption, cronyism, or bull. I am king of the world there and it is a utopia. I play cds of big band, country or hard rock depending on my mood and I am content.

A friend lent me his copy of the September issue of Commentary magazine. The issue has an article titled New Orleans An Autopsy by Ben Toledano. He is a NO native and explains how the death of NO began in the late 18th century. I thought of Alexandria when I read much of the article as it seems to parallel Alexandria in many ways. Oddly one line was "It's our turn now, baby." Somewhere I read this recently about Alex.

Deacon Blue

Tumbling tumbleweeds said...

Nothing much rocks my world these days. I am just a tumbling tumble weed in the wind. Perhaps it is the other's world I would like to rock. page 12. Yeah, it is real and valid. I wonder what Piyush is willing to do for Louisiana to make this kind of thing a reality?