Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Are Saggy Drawers and Lawyers Blues Our Emerging Reputation?

I have always found it amusing that a person can be a pillar in the community - looked to with respect by everyone - and in an instant, their reputation can change when associated with and unsavory event. Senator David Vitter is an example.

So it is with towns, cities, states, and countries. No matter what good has happened for their established history, unsavory events attach notoriety to every citizen from a city that has been branded as "special".

I am beginning to think that our water supply or proximity to the state mental institution has something to do with the lunacy exhibited by our elected officials. Just as the 30-year stench of Mayor Snyder's dead catfish pond are dissipating, we get a dose of bad lawyering and saggy drawers.

I don't know about the rest of you, but if I am going to be continually involved in a comedy production, I want to get paid.

Where's my check?


Anonymous said...

I think you first have to form one them there non-profit organeyezayshuns and then get you one of them there cooperuhtive endeavorah agreement things that says you will do a few things but get paid lots of moolah for it even if you didn't deliverah any goods.

Oh and it would help if you were serving the underprivilege, heavily challenged sector of our comunity.

Anonymous said...

Just when you think the city council's actions can't get any worse, well, THEY DO! What in the hell is wrong with them??? Something needs to be done TO them or about them! Can we recall??

spanky said...

The removal procedure is to file suit for cause. There is ample cause if one wants to take depositions as to councilmen giving directives to city employees. Louis Marshal is a convicted felon which disallows him to hold office under the charter.
Vacancies are filled by appointment from the remaining council.
So you see, until there is a war chest built and some cohesive action planned and executed, the boys are what we have until election time.
It really is important to vote.

Anonymous said...

Sad thing is that the same illiterate bastards who voted them in will reelect them since they're getting paid to go to the polls.

Anonymous said...


How soon our local media forget their part in racial supersizing..