Saturday, July 14, 2007

Will You Forge Alexandria's Future?

(Click on the picture of Mayor Roy to be taken to his speech)
Take the time, if you have not already done so, to listen to the thoughts of our mayor and his vision of the future of Alexandria.
It would be my observation that at this point in time, our handicaps are relatively small and of our own perception and making.
Our future is limited by our lack of cooperation, vision, and accurate assessment of our status quo. To the point that our collective futures are limited, will reflect our ability to reconcile our individual self-interest with the common good.
Whatever your station or path you walk, the power is yours to make Alexandria a better place.
Get committed.


the "whiz" said...

Now I see why they sent you to Kansas, Dorothy. When you have the most powerful arm of government set to obstruct any progress that could bring the administration credit or glory, just what would you have us do? Perhaps a tea party?

Spanky said...

Please explain. What arm of what government?

Anonymous said...

the Alexandria City Counsel, remember them??

voter said...

I think it is equal fault of the Mayor and City Council. Yes, there are problems with the City Council that should be addressed. But, Jaques is hurting himself by handling things the way he has. He hasn't attempted to be diplomatic at all. He APPEARS to have his own agenda, and not be thinking too much of the city. Now, before anybody jumps on me, I said he APPEARS that way; I don't necessarily think that. Basically, if the mayor and council can just TRY to come to some sort of truce(sp?), things may actually get accomplished.

Anonymous said...

My thought is that if a little financial stress is placed on them they will have to do some concerted creative thinking and co-operationl - OR SINK>

Spanky said...

The question is, who will be doing the sinking? We, the citizens are the ones that need fire and police protection. Our sanitation, water, and utility needs are not going to magically appear.
How about we pass the tax and press mayor Roy to tighten the budget. Any council members that still want to clown the citizens may be removed for just cause, and there are several. Their replacements are just an election away, even if that may have to be called early.
Services really need to be funded and taxes are the way that happens.
Stewardship is what is lacking and that comes with a change of players.
It would be wise to pass the tax and replace the bums in office. After the dust settles, the mayor can trim back the budget after the necessary items become obvious and taxes left to expire or vote to repeal as the city is left on a firm financial footing.